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The latest installment of The Conjuring series is officially titled ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ and it has a peculiar back story that generated a lot of noise in the early 80’s. It follows the true story of one Arne Johnson, who pleaded ‘not guilty’ in the murder of his landlord, citing demonic possession as the cause of his outburst on the former.


The characters of Ed and Loraine Warren return to the movie, having been actually involved with the origin story. They were already working on the investigation when in 1981, a certain Arne Johnson stabbed his landlord Alan Bono to death in a fit of rage. The only witness to the murder being Johnson’s girlfriend, Debbie Glatzel. However, the story started with Debbie’s younger brother - merely a kid, who claimed demonic interactions multiple times. According to the Warrens, Johnson got possessed by the spirit in one instance of interaction and was made to commit murder later down the line.


True or not, this gave Johnson a basis for defence as he pleaded ‘not guilty’ on trial. This also famously gave the title ‘The Devil Made Me Do It Case’ to the entire fiasco. It also came to be known popularly by that name. Keep an eye on our page to experience this thriller live!

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