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Jumanji: The Next Level

We meet two of the newest personalities, played by the previously announced Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, this time around. DeVito plays Spencer’s grandfather Eddie and Glover plays Milo Walker in the film. Spencer is missing and has seemingly gone back in the game to play – you guessed it – the next level, only things don’t end up as planned. Mainly, Eddie ends up as Dwayne Johnson's Smolder Bravestone this time around. He’s not the only old dude playing the game, either, as Danny Glover ends up in the avatar of Franklin “Mouse Finbar.”

Bethany is no longer going to be the person inside Professor Shelly Oberon, played by Jack Black. Instead, Fridge gets the honors this time around of playing Shelly, while Karen Gillan’s Ruby Roundhouse will still be occupied by Martha. This leaves a bit of mystery, however. First, where is Bethany? Secondly, where is Spencer? If Smolder and Mouse are occupied by different people, where did they end up?

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