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Joiboti Konnar Mon


100 years ago, a woman named Kalindi was born in a Hindu artiste family; Kalindi was a rebellion against the gods and looked at her life outside of traditional practices and customs. She was a lyricist. She could sing and also compose songs.Sankar was the adopted son of Srikar. Sankar was in love with Kalindi. But he is not an artiste. The lyricist heart of Kalindi searches for a lyricist singer man. As she is dark-complexioned, 10/12 of her marriage proposals were withdrawn. Due to the societal system of the time and family pressure, Kalindi’s mother Jagodambha, and father Srikor decides that they would marry Kalindi off to their adopted son Sankar. Father Srikar goes to talk to his elder daughter Shoilpi and her husband Gandhob Das regarding this matter to the aristocratic moneylender Gandhob Das’ house in Dhankura village. Kalindi also accompanies her father to visit her elder sister. There, Kalindi meets Muslim poet and singer Alal one day in the exterior home of Gandhob Das at a traditional song concert. Alal bayati sings non-religious songs. In his songs are depicted stories of humanity and love. Kalindi falls in love with Alal the first day during the first song. Alal bayati also finds the goddess of his devotion in Kalindi’s bright eyes. This is how the love story continues. At one point, Kalindi abandons all castes and religions and flees holding Alal’s hands to live with him in his small dinghy. They both marry believing in one God. But society could not accept that. It was not at all acceptable then for a Hindu girl to flee with a Muslim. The henchmen of Gandhob Das burn down all the houses of the Muslims and some rush to the riverside to catch Alal and Kalindi. But in the darkness of the night, Alal’s dinghy manages to escape along with Kalindi to a distant village

Director : Nargis Akter
Release Date : 02-04-2021
Running Time : 129 Min
Genre : Drama
Cast : Gazi Rakayet,Sayantani Dutta